Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Be Nice!


- Be Nice!

Who should you be nice to? Everyone! However, if I MUST narrow it down, be nice to everyone who works in publishing and reads books. A little word of mouth can go a long way and people are more likely to remember when you’re rude to them than when you’re polite.

I am pretty snarky and perverted around my friends. However I am NEVER anything less than sweet and professional with agents, publishers, authors, at writer’s groups and when I am out in public. I make a point of being polite to store clerks and crazy homeless people—even when I’m having a bad day. If I ever have fans, I’ll be polite to them too—even if I end up requiring a restraining order.

Some people are rude. Some people hurt your feelings. Some of these people even work in publishing. However lots of authors are rude and difficult to work with too—and if an agent or editor has a choice between two books that are equally good, she’ll choose the writer who is nice, professional and prompt over the one who called her a sub-par slag.

A quick note on talking shit about people: Never say anything about anyone you don’t want them to hear. It will probably get back to them, and the Chinese whispers effect will likely make it even worse.

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