Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoy Writing


- Enjoy Writing.

You can’t be a professional writer if you don’t enjoy writing. Well, you CAN, but you’ll be really miserable all the time.

People often say they ‘know they should write’, but it’s hard, frustrating and stressful. Firstly, you shouldn’t write. No one is obliged to write fiction for self gratification. Writing does not make you a better, smarter, more successful person. Secondly, if you don’t enjoy it—if it’s a negative experience for you--don’t do it. Do something you like. No one will mind, really.

The internet is nice, because authors can connect with their fans—if they want to—and have some interaction with people beyond the domestic. However, while a few authors may go to conventions or book launches once or twice a year, every other day of the year they’re writing 2000 words a day, at a desk, probably somewhere in their own house.

Those 2000 words are going to seem like a lot more of you’re sitting there, hating every mind numbing moment you’re in front of the computer, simply longing for the end product.

Me? I love writing. If I get 1k on my novel, I tend to also get about 2k on other, non WIP related projects. That’s my relaxation after working hard on the things that matter. If there is a day where I don’t write, I am stressed and miserable. For me, there is nothing better than being in the zone, tapping away, with nothing but the whirr of the ceiling fan and my fingers clattering on the keys.

If I just described your hell, you need to start looking for a new hobby.


  1. My thing is, I know writing is good for me, and I feel good when I do it. But making myself sit down and do it, when there's so many other distractions, is tricky.

    But in the zone? I love the zone. I even like writing uni papers in the zone. It's a happy place.

    1. I find having a habit or a ritual helps. I used to always light a candle when I started to write. It was my way of saying 'now is writing time'.

      For one novel, I listened to a single song on repeat for the ENTIRE NOVEL. Never again.

  2. The zone is amazing! Although, I wish I were better at creative writing... maybe I can learn a thing or two from you. You're so talented, I do believe for some reason I got sidetracked in subscribing... signing up now! x

    1. You're great at blog writing! I've never read any of your creative stuff, have I?

      I have to edit my blog posts so much. They always end up long winded. I usually have to cut out 30% of them before posting. Thankfully I don't have the same problem with my creative writing!