Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Update From The Heart Of The Chaos Void

Hey Beautiful People,

This is a quick update to tell you what I am busy with this week! Normally I like to update my blog on Wednesdays, but for the next two weeks I am having a small blog hiatus to prepare some things. What things, you may ask? Let me tell you!


Prince of Spiders!
POS is a queer, urban fantasy YA novel I wrote Meg for her birthday earlier in the year. I have decided to edit it and try and find a home with it with agents and publishers. I am sending it to beta readers on the 18th of October, and I have a lot of editing to do before then. So that is taking up the bulk of my time.

The Jake Newsletter!
The big one you have all been waiting for is finally almost here! I am hoping m first newsletter will be on the first Tuesday in November! It is packed full of the funny, mortifying stories that are too personal and too blatantly unprofessional for facebook and when you first sign up you get a copy of the complete, unabridged version of the infamous Chicken Story. Stay tuned for the official sign up link.

New Websites!
So, in other fantastic news, my legal name change has come through. I am now legally Jake Corvus. I am re designing my website to reflect this. The website itself is ready to launch, I ma just preparing some other small things before it goes live. Small things you will read about below.

I have decided to re-brand my self pubbed titles as Jake Corvus. All new cover art has been prepared and is waiting to be uploaded to amazon and other e-retailers.

My New Blog Series!
I am so excited about this one. My next blog series is a 12-part series on writing synopsises. It doesn't matter if you love or hate them, you must check out this series and give me a chance to convert you.

A small child!
That's right, in case you forgot, I am also growing a small person inside me. This is pretty energy intensive, since I have to eat really good food at least twice a day and I am trying to consume six cups of fresh vegetables, salad or fruit every day, so Esse gets all the nutrients he needs.

Aurealis Reading!
I am an Aurealis judge again this year (fantasy novels) and am trying to stay on top of the reading pile. I only have four novels unread of those submitted. Despite that, I am still reading another four books for fun:

Practical Self-Sufficiency – D & J Strawbridge
Making Websites Win – Karl Blanks
Sharp Ends – Joe Abercrombie
Coffee Boy – Austin Chant

All good books, though the Karl Blanks one is probably a little dry unless you are really interested in the subject. Obviously, I can't talk about the Aurealis books until the winners are announced, which won't be until March 2019.

Hopefully next Wednesday I will give you a small update on how all these things are progressing, before we begin the synopsis series on the 17th!

Have an awesome, productive week!

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